The Cozy Mountain Home

You don’t need to be an avid outdoor’s person living in the mountains to enjoy a warm, cozy feeling of a cabin-inspired interior for your home.

This look and feel is easily achieved by combining some contrasting elements and incorporating some trendy design pieces that are sure to have you feeling at home in the mountains.

Often, this aesthetic is bright and natural, contrasted with textures such as leather, linen, wood and stone. Getting creative with the combinations is what brings your own flavour to the space and intrigues the eye with one distinct material to another.


Creating this juxtaposition is exciting and encourages curiosity when exploring and enjoying the space. White as a base provides the opportunity to add natural elements to catch attention and highlight certain features.

Try bringing in organic and natural materials from outside to create this feel inside. Wood, greenery, metal, stone, water, and earthy materials contrast beautifully with white and give the space a feeling of the outdoors.


By adding furniture and accessories sourced out of natural materials and fabrics, the space continues to come to life with distinction and style. Materials such as leather/skins (or faux leather/skins), woven baskets, and linens achieve this look well.

By incorporating metals like raw steel, black iron, brushed brass and copper, the space can become more interesting and dynamic.


A fireplace can be the cornerstone of a cozy mountain home and provides endless opportunities to get creative and bring life into a room.

Whether you are in the concrete jungle or in a remote mountain setting, this cozy cabin feel can be achieved with a few simple materials and design tricks.

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