Renovations in Whistler

Peak Ventures Fine Custom Homes began in 1996 as an idea to Design and Build High Quality Custom Homes for resale in Whistler and since then we’ve evolved to offer a few more services. In addition to building custom fine homes, we perform both residential and commercial renovations. A renovation of your home or business will help improve functionality and breathe fresh air into your overall aesthetics. These are four renovations that Peak Venture’s have been a part of over the years.

Renovations Can Breed Friendship

One thing that makes a renovation project really spectacular is when the clients are awesome. Our clients for a renovation in the Village, which happened over 14 years ago, were super nice people who ended up becoming good friends with Dave and Gina Girard, owners of Peak Ventures.

This condo was built in the ‘80s and we had the pleasure of renovating it in the early 2000s. This top to bottom condo renovation was really fun because of the unique design of this home. We had the opportunity to use some unique materials and the counter top in the kitchen is a standout feature. All of the finishings used were very high quality and one of our favourite features is the beautiful chandelier, which holds a special meaning for the homeowners. There’s something special about the combination of being able to provide an older condo a face lift and becoming friends with those clients.



Innovative and Functional Designs

The team at Peak Ventures loves a good challenge and when a client wanted us to install a Japanese soaking tub, we gladly accepted. A Japanese soaking tub, also known as a Furo (or ofuro) is a part of the the Japanese bathing ritual. These tubs main purpose is for relaxing and warming up, which is perfect for the Whistler winters.

To grant our client their wish, we created a custom design for their soaking tub and we built it out of tile. A challenge that we came across was figuring out how to set up the drain at the bottom of the tub so that when the soak was over, the client could open the drain without diving under water to access the drain. So, we came up with a unique and innovative solution. What we did was take a remotely operated valve, which is used mostly in commercial work, and adapted it to the residential home. This valve is controlled by a wall mounted switch and was made easily accessible from the soaking tub.


Four Seasons Ski Valet

For a lot of visitors to Whistler, the beginning and end of their ski day happens at the ski valet. When we took on the renovation project of the Four Seasons Ski Valet, we were honoured to be able to enhance the full mountain experience for their guests. 

We were hired by Intrawest, who owned that building at the time, to complete this renovation. At the time, the entire lower floor was full of retail space. The Four Seasons leased half of the lower floor from Intrawest and turned what was once a clothing store into a ski valet. The next ski season we went in for another renovation which was now an expansion that resulted in the ski valet using the entire floor.



Adios Pink Shag

We love being able to time travel with home design, especially when a home’s design is stuck in the eighties. A more recent project allowed us to take a home from 80’s decor to a modern living space. We gave this home a full face lift and full gut renovation.

What this renovation did was make this home a more comfortable space to live in and better utilize the space. These clients were great to work with and were precise in what they wanted in the details and upon reveal, they were beyond happy with the finished product. Our team really enjoyed working on the kitchen and living room specifically because of the great design that our in-house designer, Jessica Routhier, created.

Jessica enjoyed the fun challenge to maximize space with this renovation. The kitchen and living room, which were once enclosed, are now open spaces. She likes the upgrade of the materials and modernization of the entire space. We said goodbye to the pink shag carpet and replaced it with engineered hardwood flooring.

We’re extremely proud of the staircase. Pre-renovation it was a dark area of the home and situated  between two walls. To brighten up the area and open the space, we removed one of the walls and added a glass panel, which opened up the staircase.

We also had a good time renovating the master bedroom. This bedroom is now a place of beauty especially because we added a new feature wall which is a beautiful oak wall with sconces which was, once upon a time, only dry wall.


We Want to Work With You

A few other commercial renovation projects that we have worked on are Cool As a Moose,Summit Delta, Pemberton Firebase and more. We’ve been in the renovation game for over two decades and there is no renovation too small, too large or too challenging that we cannot do. Each renovation project gets a unique approach and we love making your dreams a reality. Our experienced construction and project management team professionally guides the renovation process to ensures the utmost client satisfaction.

Interested in renovating your commercial space? Contact us and let’s begin the conversation on how to make your space even better.