Outdoor Living

An amenity that can be enjoyed year-round, outdoor living spaces are a perfect addition to a Whistler home. We had the pleasure of renovating this remarkable home in Whistler, BC. The owners wanted an outdoor living area with elements of stone and wood that was spacious, welcoming and represented the BC mountains. 

The patio serves as a seamless transition into the home with the kitchen/dining folding panel doors opening the room to create an extension of the living space, bringing the outdoors into the home. The overhead rustic fir beams exemplify the surrounding natural beauty of Whistler, when coupled with the panelized glass skylight provides a harmonious canopy to the overhead sky.


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The Fireplace:

The fireplace is the focal point of this stunning patio featuring a light grey ledge stone, which compliments the darker colors of the wicker furniture and porcelain tile floor. This central gathering place is equally adaptable for a party, for friends and family to lounge, or as a tempting spot to curl up with a good book by the cozy fire when you find yourself relaxing on a cool Whistler evening.

BBQ Area:

What more could a homeowner want than a  built in Barbeque to accentuate the outdoor dining experience? This BBQ is ideal in its unobtrusive build into the brickwork, providing a streamlined effect. This design saves space on the patio, while the shelves below provide ample space for culinary equipment and supplies. The close proximity to the kitchen provides convenience for the home chef regardless of weather conditions.


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Play Safe / Fire Safe:

While I consider myself to be among the fortunate few that get to enjoy the splendor and beauty that Whistler has to offer on a year-round basis, I also believe those fortunate individuals also have a responsibility to take on the role of stewards of the beautiful Coast Mountains and this town we call home. It is important to remember the vulnerability of the environment especially during the dry summer months. The sunny days we all enjoy at the beach and in our outdoor living spaces also bring with them the drying of our environment and along with that the risk of wild fire.

Here’s a few tips to help reduce fire risk;

  • Plant more fire resistant vegetation around your house or other structures.

  • Relocate firewood and other combustible debris at least 10 meters away from your home.

  • Keep the roof and gutters clear of dead needles and other accumulations such as dead leaves; prune all branches that hang over the roof.

  • Have hoses attached to outside faucets and ensure good working condition.

  • Clean your BBQ of oil and debris. Check that all the connections are tight.

  • Ensure all BBQ areas include an inspected fire extinguisher.

  • Prepare your lawn mower, with air filter, oil and spark plugs. If it’s electric, make sure the cord is not damaged.

  • Remember grass clippings can ignite. Always dispose of them properly.

  • Check outdoor plugs. Make sure all weatherproof plugs are not damaged and the seal is tight and that no water has gotten into the socket.

  • Decorate your yard safely. Place tiki torches, fire pits and citronella candles away from trees, overhangs or any other flammable materials.

  • Have fire extinguishers in areas where fires are most likely to occur

And Please Please Please adhere to common sense and to local bylaws, which outline rules for outdoor burning. https://www.whistler.ca/services/emergency/fire

We all want our natural surroundings to be here for us all to enjoy for years to come, let’s keep it fire safe while we enjoy those outdoor spaces!