The Passive House Way

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Passive House is the world's leading standard in energy efficient construction. The Passive House Standard ensures the best quality, comfort and energy efficiency. Passive Houses require very little energy to sustain comfortable temperatures in every season. (Even in Whistler's notably harsh Winters)Earlier this year Peak Ventures became a member of PassiveHouse Canada. We also had two of our long term employees complete the Passive House Tradespersons Course to learn the Passive House Standard, and the construction details associated with it.

Hybrid Home Build Project 

We have since embarked on our first Hybrid home build project using BC Passive House panels. This pre-fabrication construction method that takes the architect's drawing and builds the wall and roof panels in a factory, ensuring house fits perfectly together (just like lego!). The result is a super insulated wall assembly that ,when properly sealed, is extremely energy efficient due to the high effective insulation values obtained and the air tightness achievable with this design.


The benefits of using this type of construction method are many including greater occupant comfort, improved energy efficiency, shorter schedule from ground breaking to move in day and increased control over the final quality as the major components are built in a controlled environment.We collaborated closely with the Owners, Architect, Engineers and BC Passive House to work through many of the project details over the course of several months well in advance of actual on site construction, and started the build in October.And while this particular project was not designed to achieve the Passive House Standard, it certainly will deliver a very energy efficient, comfortable, high quality home.