Home Building Tips & Ideas for Whistler & Vancouver

[su_spacer size="100"]New homes today set the standard for value, character and individuality. One of the best parts about building a new home is the ability to make it however you want. With every new home build however there are dozens of different questions that need to be answered. Today, let’s go over a few different concepts and styles of some of the fundamental features of every new home.WindowsWindows are a great way for you to distinguish your new home. They bring vitality and beauty into the room, and effectively compliment both inside and outside decor. Today’s windows also aid in energy conservation, which is a great way to start with your home build.

vancouver-custom-homes-peakventures-design-buildan example of the vitality windows can bring to a room

Floor CoveringsToday, floor coverings for homes in Vancouver and Whistler are no longer used as a neutral background to your interior; they are an integral part of the home’s character. Custom home builders often combine various types of flooring in creative ways. For example: natural stone and ceramic tiles are great accents for foyers, bathrooms and kitchens, and tough laminates are ideal in the home office or in children’s rooms. There are, of course, a number of ways to customize hardwood flooring and carpets, as well. If you’re curious about what kind of flooring to use in your new home build, contact Peak Ventures.3522-FalconLane-010

vancouver-custom-homes-peak-ventures-design-buildYou can see in this photo how the difference in flooring accents a different part of the room.

Ceiling TreatmentCeilings today are often designed to draw attention or add depth to a room; bulkheads and sloped or cathedral ceilings are a few ways this is accomplished.

vancouver-custom-homes-design-build-peakventureshere is a home that used ceiling treatment as part of the overall room design

Counter Tops, Fixtures & FaucetsCounter tops are an easy way to create a a luxurious feel to your bathroom or kitchen. From laminates to granite, there are a number of attractive options and upgrades to choose from. Similarly, sinks and faucets are available in many configurations and colors. Faucets can range from contemporary practical to Victorian ornate to futuristic sleek, all depending on the look and feel you are trying to cultivate. A good idea would be to set a budget for you bathroom and kitchen upgrades, and work with your builder to get the best value for your investment.

peakventures-custom-home-builder-vancouverThis homes counter top and faucet add a unique and comfortable feel to the kitchen.

 There are a number of other options to explore when building your new home – energy efficiency, home security and entertainment, to name a few – however it is always a balancing act between what you really want and what you can realistically spend.At Peak Ventures, our goal is to build distinctive custom homes to your exact specifications and vision. Let us help you accomplish your Whistler or Vancouver renovation and custom home goals – contact us today.

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