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Living Spaces

Work with our in-house designer to find inspiration, design around your lifestyle,
source materials, and bring life to the outdoor spaces of your home.


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Landscaping and additional structures, such as a patio/deck, garage or shed, are as important as the house itself when it comes to your home’s external impression. From carports to workshops to pool houses, making these spaces complement your main home will bring it all together. Gables, arches, balconies, and patios—from stone masonry to intricate metal work, your exterior’s finishing touches make all the difference to first impressions.


Although we aren’t living outside, you will likely see your home from the outside everyday. You want your home to have curb appeal and create good first impressions with friends and family.

Heavy tile or brick may look wonderful, but they can increase the loads placed on your exterior wall/footings and your renovation company will have to take this into account. Siding is a common material and easy to install, and cost less than other options, but if you’re creating your dream home you might want something with a little more character. Columns can be used to add character to an exterior. If you opt for them, you can create a covered entryway for your home. There are so many exterior aspects to consider!

You want a home that you will say “That’s my home” when you see it from down the street.


We don’t just design and build beautiful custom homes, we also renovate and remodel them.

Our team of organized designers, experienced project managers and highly qualified carpenters is the key for ensuring all our projects are well planned and executed.

Our network of local professionals formed through years of collaboration includes architects, engineers, millwork artisans, painters, tilers and various trades who share our vision.


What our clients are saying


We Love the Art of Creation

Our passion is listening to clients ideas, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative designs. Most Importantly, we keep it simple.

We believe your home is your sanctuary—not just well organized and solidly built, but a place of beauty and comfort that inspires and soothes. Building your dream home should be a smooth process of planning, construction, and completion.

Whether you live in North or West Vancouver, or have a second home in the Whistler area, our licensed residential building and renovating specialists bring the highest quality engineering, construction methods and green building technology to your project.


On Time & On Budget

Allow us to show you how to get the most for your budget. 

Too many renovation projects end up with ballooning budgets and extended timelines. Most contractors say that you or someone else caused the delays but the majority of those problems are completely avoidable if you know how to plan and execute a project like we do.

We are masters at project planning and can help you achieve your goals, execute your design and help you determine how to allocate your budget. Request a call back for a complimentary design consultation, and to see how we can help you maximize the value from your investment.

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