Light Trades


A Vincent Van Gogh masterpiece, like The Starry Night, is such a beautiful work of art; one we can just sit back and enjoy it for all its worth. Van Gogh, however, knew how many steps it took to bring it together, like choosing the right canvas, the perfect paint colors, and the most strategic brushes, to name a few.

It takes many trades to perfect your remodel. Selecting the best tile for a room, complementary paint colors, envisioning the most effective carpentry all must be chosen purposely to insure they work together to create a masterpiece.

Having established long-lasting relationships in the construction material industry, Peak Ventures stays on top of trends, technology and style. Experts in knowing which materials are lasting and quality and which to avoid, we always hand-select the best materials for every remodel.

Light Construction

The origins of Peak Ventures are riddled with construction work projects, large and small. We have been hammering out walls and adding rooms, ceilings, staging for academic institutions, and the like for over ten years. Should your home or office building, academic institution or retail store need an expert in construction work, Peak Ventures will always hand-select the best materials to get the job done. 

Peak Ventures specializes in:
Wall Removal, Stage Building, Design Build Room Expansion & Addition