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Fun Ways to Customize Your Home

Check out how our clients personalized their homes

Personal Library

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Keep all of your favourite books on display by adding custom shelving to house all your treasured stories and recipes. Take a look at one client’s choice of efficient, commercial grade shelving compared to another’s modern take on a classic bookshelf.

Statement Door


Incorporate your personality by adding a stunning door feature like this client’s stained glass and carved wood piece.

Embody Your Surroundings


Living in Whistler, many home owners not only look to be surrounded by the already abundant great outdoors, but also look to include it in their home design. These customers complimented their log home with a mountainside inspired separate garage & loft.

Custom Storage

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Custom his and hers closets or custom kitchen cabinets are a great way to personalize any home! You decide what stays, what goes and what works for you. Love optimized upper cabinet storage? Hate digging through disorganized closets? So do we.

Unique Features


Make the unimaginable possible. The sky is truly the limit. Whatever you can dream up, can become a reality… even a swimming pool that doubles as a ceiling and the most bad ass skylight we’ve ever seen.

Outdoor Sanctuary

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Soak up all the sun and breath as much fresh air as you want with a customized patio or outdoor area. These clients chose to add a large built in grill for prime outdoor cooking and a beautiful stand along fireplace to add comfort to those chilly nights. With an outdoor space as good as this, you’ll never want to be inside.

Master Bath

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Create the master bathroom of your dreams. Pick and choose your favourite features such as a grande soaker tub, his and hers sinks, luxurious walk-in shower or extra storage and a custom vanity space.

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