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Eleven Design Trends of 2016 to Inspire Your Next Renovation

marble 2


Marble Finishes

Marble will never go out of style. It’s simple and gives any room an extra dose of elegance.


http://bricobistro.com/15-magnifiques-papiers-peints-concus-pour-la-salle-de-bain/ (left) https://www.hubush.com/private-heaven-aura-from-stylish-marble-bathrooms/stylish-marble-bathroom-for-private-heaven-aura-with-showering-space-with-wooden-storage-large-mirror-sinks-and-faucets/ (right)

Bold Powder Rooms

Often unexpected, these rooms guarantee to add a fun aspect to any home.

black3 black

http://kokopelia.pl/skandynawskie-korzenie/ (left) http://blog.oakfurnitureland.co.uk/inspiration-station/10-tips-make-home-look-expensive/ (right)

Black Window Frames

This trend gives every room a chic, edgy feel.



Environmental Mindfulness

Design trends are not always materialistic-as we’ve seen recently- environmentally friendly homes are becoming more and more common. Passive houses, with their efficient electrical and heating, are gaining popularity quickly in our progressive world.

statement3 statement

http://decorationsi.com/اتاق-خواب-رویایی-196/ (bottom) http://homestayirene.com/bedroom-gallery-wall/9486 (top)

Statement Walls in The Bedroom

Bedrooms, which are typically very ‘closed door’ to outsiders, get to be the centre of attention with beautiful statement walls you’ll be eager to show off!



Bathrooms that are more like Living Rooms

Couches in a bathroom? Sounds impractical, but none-the-less this trend is becoming increasingly popular when creating one’s bathroom oasis.

mod trad3 mod trad2

http://inspiringhomeideas.net/nice-interior-design-mid-century-modern/exciting-interior-design-mid-century-modern-as-well-as-traditional-meets-midcentury-modern-design-home-remodeling/ (bottom) https://www.laurelandwolf.com/blog/laurel-loves-7-iconic-seating-options/ (top)

Modern meets Tradition

This trend mixes the shiny and new with the timeless and classic. Pick and choose your favourite pieces no matter their age!

reclaimed reclaimed3

http://www.revistadinlemn.ro/2016/03/31/ce-ai-alege-pentru-bucataria-ta-pal-mdf-sau-lemn/ (top) http://mexicovacations.co/dream-rustic-bathrooms.html (bottom)

Reclaimed Wood

Creativity is a big part of this trend. Whatever you can think, you can do. Whether it be adding unique wood cabinetry or an incredible countertop, the sky’s the limit!

focal4 focal2

http://starsis.kr/index.php/project/mirror/ (bottom) http://www.decoist.com/2014-04-08/glass-staircase-ideas-contemporary-design/ (top)

Focal Point Stairs

Give your architect full recognition by featuring a beautifully designed staircase as the eye candy in the room.

two tone cabs4 two tone cabs

http://drorpinto.com/amazing-two-tone-kitchen-cabinets/ (bottom) http://www.beckabellastyleinspirations.com/2016_04_01_archive.html (top)

Two-Tone Kitchens

Add sophistication to your kitchen with multi-coloured cabinets. Neutrals will match with anything, while bolder colours add a pop of excitement to a boring room.

matte black 2


Matte Finishes

Achieve an edgy modern feel in your home by adding matte touches in simple ways.