Commercial Construction.

We’ve worked on many commercial construction jobs, from restoration repairs on building envelopes, to full design and build retail projects, guided by the principle that even the smallest task should be done with care and integrity. You can check out some of those jobs here.

The Peak Ventures team has had the pleasure of working with some of the most recognized companies and government departments in British Columbia. The projects have been diverse and complex and we’re proud of our successful involvement in each of them.

Our project management team ensures our commercial projects stay on budget and on schedule, giving us the freedom to bring our most stringent standards of craftsmanship to every project. Peak Ventures is a licensed building envelope renovator specializing in value engineering, green building practice, and the integration of cutting edge technologies that respect and surpass the rigorous building codes in B.C.

Some areas of expertise include
– Commercial leasehold improvements
– Building envelope remediation (licensed contractor)
– Superior project management and scheduling
– Water ingress assessment
– Fostering long-time relationship with trusted commercial trades
– Knowledge of building codes
– New commercial construction

We are COR certified and trained in the latest safety, management, and construction planning methods.

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Avoid runaway budgets and missed deadlines.

Find Out How To Get The Most For Your Budget. 

Too many commercial construction projects end up with ballooning budgets and extended timelines. Your contractor will probably tell you that YOU or SOMEONE ELSE caused the delays. On some (rare) occasions that may be true. However, the majority of those problems are completely avoidable if you know how to plan and execute a project like we do.

Make Sure To Scrutinize Your Plans And Determine The Most Effective Way To Improve Or Renovate Your Home.

We are masters at project planning and can help you achieve your goals, execute your design and help you determine how to allocate your budget. Request a call back for a complimentary design consultation, and to see how we can help you maximize the value of your investment.

Call 1.888.938.0688 to see how we can help you maximize the value of your investment.

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