The Design-Build Approach


The Benefits of Design-Build

A fully integrated service for building custom homes and remodelling from start to finish.

Our Design-Build approach to construction makes for a seamless experience, as we handle the entire project, from the initial design stage and budgeting to permits, construction, and home care maintenance. A proven approach to save time and money with good planning and seamless communication.

Work with our professional design team and construction experts to design and build your dream home on budget and on schedule with quality, care and efficiency every step of the way. Build your dream home or start a remodelling project with confidence and peace of mind that our team is with you through the entire process. Enjoy the convenience and accountability, of our Design/Build approach with proven coordination, and seamless communication that you and your project deserve. 

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Design-Build Services


Peak Ventures Interiors offers full-service interior design solutions from concept development, interior drawings, custom cabinetry, finishes & furniture selections to turn-key installations.

Based in Whistler BC, we service the Sea to Sky corridor, Lower Mainland, Sunshine Coast & Vancouver Island. With more than 20 years experience, we’ve earned a reputation for beautifully balanced spaces that meet our clients’ aesthetic, functional and investment goals.


We don’t just design and build beautiful custom homes, we also renovate and remodel them. Whether it’s an entire home, bathroom or kitchen renovation of your Whistler retreat, our renovation specialists are up to the challenge of bringing your dream to life.

Our experienced construction and project management team of professionals craft all manner of renovation, improvement, and remodelling projects with an attention to detail that ensures the utmost client satisfaction.


Your home is a reflection of you, and our objective in every custom home project is to ensure your unique spirit and lifestyle flows through every corner. We thrive on exploring unconventional and creative solutions that puts your individual stamp of personality on your home.

We also ensure the process is smooth and on schedule, so you don’t have to worry. We guarantee the quality of workmanship, materials, project management, safety, and customer service will exceed your expectations.



Having a great kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. A kitchen that inspires you to create delicious, artful dishes for your family’s enjoyment, that takes the drudgery out of kitchen chores, that gives you a place for fun and social activities – the perfect kitchen is within your reach.

The right kitchen can come in any shape, size or style—it’s all about what you want.


As one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, your bathroom should be a relaxing retreat and enjoyable experience.

It is a space for hygiene, but also a place where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Create a separate bathroom for kids or guests, or renovate your master bathroom to create a peaceful, inviting oasis. Let’s create the perfect bathroom for you.

Outdoor Living

Although we aren’t living outside, you will likely see your home from the outside everyday. You want your home to have curb appeal and create great first impressions with friends and family. Landscaping and additional structures are as important as the house itself when it comes to your home’s external impression.

Create the outdoor space that will have you saying “That’s my home” when you see it from down the street.

more services offered by our expert team:


Light Construction & Trades

Having long established close working relationships with great local Sub-Trades and Suppliers, we provide a seamless one stop shop experience from concept through to completion.

Benefit from staying on top of trends, technology advancements and style with our team of experts. We have the experience to know which materials are lasting and quality and which ones to avoid, we always hand select the best materials for every client and project.


Our Pre-Construction team will work with you to deliver a project that not only meets your unique design objectives, but satisfies your budget and schedule goals as well. Careful planning during Pre-Construction will help eliminate surprises and unforeseen issues before construction begins, and will add value to your project from the start.

It is better to clearly evaluate a project and finalize all design decisions as soon as possible, than to wait and risk the costly delays related to changes or late delivery of items, once your project is already underway.

General Contracting

Peak Ventures is a multi-faceted company with experience in many segments of the construction industry. Whether you are involved in Residential, Commercial, Light Industrial, or Institutional, we have the team and the systems in place to handle your project from inception to completion.

Through the combined efforts of our talented managers and tradesmen, along with our network of exceptional subcontractors, we will bring your project over the finish line, on time and on budget with strict adherence to quality and safety.


Energy Efficient Homes

One of the first homes built in Whistler using Structural Insulated Panels was a home we did in 2001.

This home was one of the most energy efficient homes at the time it was built and has insulation values which surpass many of the current day built homes that “meet minimum code requirements”.

Building energy efficient homes today means paying attention to every detail and ensuring that air leakage is managed at the planning/design stage as well as during construction. We pride ourselves in building quality homes that exceed building code minimum requirements.

Project Management

Peak Ventures has the systems in place to handle the planning, budgeting, estimating, scheduling and project accounting requirements for projects of all sizes. From design and development to delineation of scope and the selection of trades via tender, on through to performance and completion of the work, we will manage your project efficiently and report to you using our system of complete transparency.

Our professional rapport within the industry enables us to establish effective communication between parties and mitigate potential pitfalls. This is key to our management style and helps us develop a positive and productive attitude on our sites.